ME 407

Mechanical Engineering Design Course


International Virtual Design Studio 1999-2000 IVDS Project

(Fall 1999 Project B)

Our group composed of three people from five mechanical engineering students. Three of them from Middle East Technical University Ankara- TURKEY and two of them from Queen's University in CANADA. Our names are as follows:

  • Nazmi Umut AKTAN
  • Nadi AKKÖPRÜ
  • Tahsin Deniz ARPACI
  • Charles STEEVES  
  • Kerry MCKENNA
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Information about our Project


A vehicle that moves on rails, fills up a glass of water at the start, carries and discharges it on the finish location.
The specifications of the rails are as follows:

9900f2a.jpg (3606 bytes)

The dimensions of the rail path are as follows:

9900f2b.gif (4959 bytes)

***Drawings are not scaled.

At the finish line, a container will be placed as it is shown in the figure to collect the discharged water.

9900f2c.gif (2269 bytes)

Design Criteria:

Limitations and Requirements:

Glass Dimensions:

IVDS'99 Project Schedules:

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